What to do After you Form a Texas Series LLC by David Disraeli

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So now you have a series LLC up and running in Texas what is next?  You can conduct business out of the main entity or you can form new series or both.

Forming a series is a bit complex but is simple once you have done it a time or two.  The process in Texas of creating a “series” under a properly formed series LLC begins with creating a dba or assumed name under the master LLC.  For example, if you formed ABC Woodworks, LLC, you simply create an online account at the secretary of state HERE.  Once your account is created and you log in this is what you will see:  We have a short video tutorial here:

Toward the bottom of the page, you will see a blank field that says enter filing number.  This will be on your certificate of existence from the state.  Enter that number and click on file document.

The next screen will look like this:

Then simsimply allowing online instructions but be sure to enter the dba using the language as 2112 Smith Street Series, Only.  Any questions call or email:  David Disraeli 512-464-1110 david@pcfo.net