The IRA LLC by David Disraeli

Ever hear of an IRA LLC?  There is such a thing.  Few people realize that an IRA can be invested in almost anything from traditional mutual funds to live animals and real estate.  A self-directed IRA must be held by a custodian that permits alternative investments.  The problem with this arrangement is the custodian is going to charge you to open the account, keep the account and for all activity in the account.   In addition, the custodian may or may not permit you to create a real estate note or buy a piece of property.

A checkbook IRA is a term that is tossed around, however, it means different things to different custodians.  An IRA, traditional, rollover or Roth may create an LLC and be the only member or owner.  The LLC then opens a bank account and can write checks and use a debit card to buy whatever it desires.  If you want to purchase land or fix up a house this is a very convenient way to do it.  The custodian only holds the membership units in the LLC and thereafter is not involved in your activities.  The other advantage is that if the LLC gets sued, the attorney for the plaintiff will find out that the LLC is actually owned by an IRA and make a u-turn.

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