Fernando L., Austin, TX

“David is really the only financial advisor who’s call I have returned. He’s friendly, informative, educational and goes way way beyond the call of duty going the extra mile. Let me give you an example: he is helping my wife and I put together a special needs trust for my son. He also explained the benefits of operating my business as an LLC instead of as a sole proprietorship. Now we have a Texas Series LLC, and can form additional businesses underneath it without having to form a brand new entity each time.”  

Carmen P., Austin, TX

“David was consulted by my husband and I when we were starting a new business. He helped us understand what we needed financially, recommended a very competent accountant to manage our books, helped us walk through some of the key scenarios to be successful, and finally helped us find our first client. He really went above and beyond, and we are grateful that not only is he our trusted financial advisor, he has become a great friend!”

Lynne W, Esq

“I have known David for over 5 years now and he has always exemplified quality professionalism and great depth of knowledge in the financial markets. He has extensive experience with investment management, asset allocation, financial and retirement planning, as well as estate planning. Moreover, he is highly ethical and a valued trusted advisor.”

Fred W, Austin, TX

“As a parent of four college-bound kids, my wife and I had no idea how we were going to pay for their education. Fortunately, a friend recommended that I attend one of Mr. Disraeli’s workshops. Afterwards, we sat down with him where he explained the ins and outs of the financial aid process, including how to estimate how much aid we would qualify for. One thing that really surprised us was discovering that our rent house would cost us aid dollars. At least now, thanks to David, we know what we’re facing and can plan accordingly. “

Alessandra C. Round Rock, TX

“The most impressive thing about David is his depth of knowledge in all areas of finance. It is rare that you find someone with the years of experience he has as well. His tips on LLC’s and business structure were incredibly helpful and informative.”