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What You Need to Know about Asset Protection and Texas Series LLC’s

By David Disraeli 

Your One Stop Shop for Asset Protection and LLC’s.  Find out:

  • What is an LLC and why you may need one…… Learn More
  • The Texas Series LLC – how to have multiple entities under one umbrella….Learn More
  • How LLCs can fail….Learn More
  • What others say about us…Here

Watch this short video on how Series LLC’s operate!

We provide complete setup for LLC’s and in particular Texas Series LLCs.  The service includes state filings, operating agreements, Tax I.D., and complete training.  Call us at 512-464-1110, or book a call here:

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David Disraeli is amazing. He helped my husband and I with our LLC and Estate Planning. He was available to answer any of our questions at any time of the day including the weekends. He has an amazing personality and professional tone. We strongly recommend anyone to hire him for whatever they are needing help with. You will learn quickly that he goes above and beyond for his clients making them his number one priority.
I reached out to David for somewhat of a unique situation and while he couldn't help me directly, he went out of his way to connect me with someone who could. Not just a referral either, he made personal introductions and followed up afterwards. You just don't see that level of care in the financial industry these days so I was really grateful (thank you). Plus, he's a wealth of knowledge. Definitely the kind of guy you want in your circle.
David was quick and very efficient in preparing my father's will, along with other documents. Great communication and understanding definitely gave my dad peace of mind. Highly recommend.
Very knowledgeable and helpful with our journey. He went above and beyond as our advisor will definitely be using again and highly recommended individual!
Mr. Disraeli spent much time reviewing our finances and provided great professional advice and experience. Very thorough and genuinely shows interest in improving and preserving your financial status.
Mr. David Disraeli was so friendly and knowledgeable about the many questions we had on wills and financial advice. His professional and work ethic was so refreshing. Highly recommend Mr. Disraeli